Magic Makers Market


Talismans + T-shirts. Crystals + Candles. Hydrosols, Hell Notes + Handmade Holistic Magic.



Desert Flower Designers

Desert Flower Designers is a San Antonio, Tejas based joyería that specializes in handcrafted artesanías for cada cuerpo. Each joya is created + blessed with protective magic to adorn those who believe in protective talismans.

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La New Yorkilla

La New Yorkilla supports talented artisans and families in order to increase their income and living standards. Every piece is unique and handmade with love and dedication

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Jam + Rico

Established since June 2016, Jam+Rico is a fashion jewelry company providing bold, unique and colorful designs. With a mission is to provide thoughtfully created accessories to enhance your fashion wardrobe, Jam+Rico pieces bring joy to the wearer and evoke confidence and beauty to each individual.

Jam+Rico = Jamaica + Puerto Rico.


Luni Style

Luni is a contemporary jewelry and curated home goods brand created by founder Lorenia Henriquez. Luni’s mission is to bring back feminine power through jewelry that is inspired by esoteric symbolism originating from our ancestors. By helping our modern Diosas express themselves wholeheartedly while honoring our past collectively, Luni jewelry helps bring out your unique essence and expression.

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Smiley Goods

Smiley Art Goods specializes in handmade, embellished sunglasses, custom eyewear, and other accessories that showcase one-of-a-kind vintage charms, mirrored and colorful lens, the shiniest rhinestones, and special gems.

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Ultraviolet is a jewelry brand that draws its greatest inspiration from the universe and the Earth using an array of stunning crystals, with magical pops of color and iridescence.

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apothecaries + botanicas

Bread x Butta

Based out of Brooklyn, NY, BreadxButta is a lifestyle brand focused on fusing art, fashion, wellness and plant medicine. With work ranging from wearable fine art garments and jewelry, to an herbal CBD wellness line called 'Botanica', all BxB pieces are made with intention, love and hope for a more positive future.

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Brujita Skincare

Founded by Leah Guerrero, an Esthetician with over 10 years of experience in holistic skincare, Brujita Skincare is a Latina owned brand from Los Angeles, CA. Brujita’s essential skincare products are made with natural ingredients sourced from Mexico with the intention of supporting merchants and mercado culture across different regions.

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Beauty From The Garden

Beauty From The Garden creates crystal infused skincare products with the intention to make wellness for your mind soul and body as simple and easy as washing your face.

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Brooklyn Brujeria

Founded in 2015 by Chiquita Brujita, Brooklyn Brujeria’s Botaniquita offers lifestyle essentials for today’s modern Brujxs.


Hell Notes for Beauty™

Hell Notes for Beauty™ is the premiere metaphysical destination for the strong willed, inspired and determined soul. The brand is dedicated to the solitary practitioner seeking to establish spiritual independence, self care and recognition of ancestral knowledge.


Nature Freak

Nature Freak is a line of plant medicine that nourishes the spirit, heals our lineages, and feels good to your body. Queer Latinx-made by Simona Duque, a Sacred Vibes Spiritual Herbalism apprentice, DJ, and artist in Brooklyn.

Soul Things Botanica

Soul Things Botanica offers classic and original spiritual tools including oils, waters, workbooks, and wearable art.

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Clothing + Apparel

Bombazo Wear

Bombazo Wear offers the best in handmade Puerto Rican Bomba dance skirts and contemporary headwraps. Created by Milteri Tucker, Founder of Bombazo Dance Company.

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Nuevayorkinos is a digital archive dedicated to preserving and documenting old school NYC Latinx history.

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lifestyle + home decor

The Homegirl Box

The Homegirl Box is a gift box inspired by the life and legacy of bold and visionary women of color. Each box features 4-5 dope creations from women and non-binary artists, designers and business owners.

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